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Alejandro "Alex" is a character in the Top Cat franchise. He made his debut in the television special "Top Cat: Coronavirus in New York". He also appears in The Top Cat Show. He is voiced by Aaron J. Albano.

About Alex[]

Alex is Grace's older brother.

Physical appeareance[]

He is a light-gray cat with gray muzzle, and brown-and-black panky hair. He generally wears a T-shirt, jeans and a pair of cowboy boots.


He is a rock singer, for that reason he is always carrying his bass. Alex is a music lover like his sister, but he has a favorite cartoon show: Cattanooga Cats (his favorite character is Country, as Grace's favorite character from the series is Kitty Jo). Alex is quiet, shy, but he is sensible to noise and prefers to stay alone in his bedroom composing music, playing videogames and studying, instead of going to conventions and parties. Alex is also a gamer, he is always playing his videogames when he is not composing his songs for his rock band.

Alex, like Grace, also has idolism with Raúl, but he does not express that (his sister is the only one who is expressing her fanatism to Raúl). As Grace has fanatism to Raúl due to Top Cat, Alex loves him for the videogames of the HALO franchise (Raúl voices Master Chief since the third release of the media). And a fun fact: when Raúl was attacked by his fans in the film, Alex impersonated him and the fans chased him instead of Raúl (who was with Grace and the gang).

Trivia and fun facts[]

  • Aaron J. Albano also works for NicThic: he voices Narcissus Miller(Morgan's son) in the Cats franchise and other recurring roles.
  • Alex's dubber is Mexican actor Alejandro Orozco.