Bodi is the main protagonist of the CGI-animated film Rock Dog and the TV series of the same name. He is voiced by Luke Wilson.


Bodi is a teenage Tibetan Mastiff with brown-and-tan fur with tan fur on his muzzle, hands, and feet. He has a black nose, brown eyes and black trimmed claws. He wears a blue Tibetan shirt with a white trim and a white belt, red-orange pants and a green Tibetan beanie with locks of his mane poking out from the front.

On one occasion, he wears a black t-shirt with the "AC/DC" logo on it, yellow pants, and brown getas (Japanese sandals).

In the sequel, his formal outfit consists of a white dress shirt, a blue tie, a black suit, and black shoes.

His nightwear consists of a blue nightshirt that says "Protect and Serve", green pajama pants, and fuzzy sheep slippers.


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Rock Dog

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Rock Dog 2

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Samurai Bodi

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  • Bodi is the third Teenage Animals.
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