Chief Rocko is the major character in the television series Rock Dog and the tetartagonist of Rock Dog 2. He is voiced by Idris Elba. He is the cranky chief of the Rock and Roll Park Police Precinct.

Appearance Edit

Chief Rocko is the large, tall and bulky black rhinoceros with the bald head, clean-shaven face, gray skin, light gray horns and dark gray eyes.

His police uniform is royal blue buttoned shirt with short sleeves, a high collar, a yellow police insignia on his shoulders, a black utility belt, a navy blue pants, and black shoes. He also wears a blue police hat with a gold badge. He also has a black and silver watch on his left wrist.

He is shown to wear blue sunglasses while walking.

In his younger days, he has the same body build, however, he also had short black facial hair but as he became more serious and lawful about the crime, he shaved off his facial hair, until finally he may go completely clean-shaven when he got older.

Personality Edit

Chief Rocko is Khampa's closest and loyal friend who is portrayed as intelligent, knowledgeable, commanding, serious, lawful, no-nonsense and honorable. Unlike Bodi and his father, Chief Rocko knows the names of most technological things. Towards his comrades on the force, Rocko is rather charming and stark yet playfully mischievous.

His accent suggests a Australian family lineage. Rocko seems to enjoy rock'n'roll concert.

Trivia Edit

  • The picture is based on a design by Greys-Giovana.
  • Chief Rocko is very similar to Chief Bogo from Disney's Zootopia. Additionally, both characters are voiced by the same actor, Idris Elba.
  • He wears his police shirt with the top button undone. This is inspired by how bodybuilders who are also police officers wear their shirts in real life.
  • In the film, the song "Sound of da Police" by KRS-One can be heard playing when Chief Rocko appears.
  • He resembles Reggie from the Rhinocort "Funk Squad" commercial.
  • He is the only black rhinoceros ever seen in the film.
  • He is one of the only officers of the police precinct to not wear a tie.
  • He is very similar to Sheriff Sam Brown. They are both lawful and serious.
  • He used to have facial hair which he lost some time before he became more serious and lawful about the crime.
  • Darma knows his name.
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