Dennis is the large Komodo Dragon who works for Augustus Flatterson alongside with Kommando, Drake and Hack. He is one of the tertiary antagonists in Rock Dog 2.


Dennis is the large, muscular Komodo Dragon with the grayish-green skin with the pale green skin on his lower jaw and chest. He has orange eyes and black-trimmed claws. He wears a white t-shirt, red suspenders, grey jeans and black shoes.

When he was arrested, Dennis sports a prison uniform covered in horizontal black and white stripes.


Compared to the twins (his close friends), Dennis is tough, mean, brutal, obnoxious, intimidating and sneaky. He has sharper common sense correcting the twins. Although, he is bumbling, dimwitted, timid and cowardly.


  • In the film, the song "War" by Edwin Starr can be heard playing when Dennis, Drake and Hack appear.
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