Hack is a Komodo Dragon who works for Augustus Flatterson alongside with Kommando, Dennis and his twin brother Drake. He is one of the tertiary antagonists in Rock Dog 2.


Hack is the large, muscular Komodo Dragon with the kelly green skin with the yellow green skin on his lower jaw and chest. He has yellow eyes and black-trimmed claws. He wears a green cadet cap, military dog tags, a black t-shirt with the picture of the skull (similar to Punisher's T-shirt), green and black camouflage pants and green combat boots.

When he was arrested, Hack sports an orange prison uniform and matching trucker cap.


Hack is tough, mean, brutal, obnoxious, intimidating and sneaky. Like his twin brother, he is dimwitted, bumbling, humorous, timid and cowardly.


  • In the film, the song "War" by Edwin Starr can be heard playing when Dennis, Drake and Hack appear.
  • Due to Drake and Hack sharing the same voice actor John DiMaggio, Hack speaks with a Brooklyn accent in a loud, tough and raspy voice in contrast Drake's a bit meeker voice.
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