Khari was a recurring character in the television series Rock Dog. She was Khampa's wife and Lily and Bodi's mother.

She is voiced by Ming-Na Wen.

Appearance Edit

Khari is a female Tibetan Mastiff with a long brown mane and tan fur on her muzzle, hands, and feet. She has black nose, blue eyes, and black trimmed claws. She wears a pink Tibetan dress with a hot pink trim and belt, and yellow Tibetan shoes.

In her nightwear, she wears a long light blue night gown, and a long light blue robe .

Personality Edit

Khari is a nice, beautiful, caring, sweet, and kind women. When she taught some of her students, and how to use magic, and create flowers, and talk to animals. She can also do karate.

Trivia Edit

  • She refrain from the voice of Fa Mulan.
  • Her Deadly Mastiff Paw magic is a pink magic which is love.

Nicknames Edit

  • (Mom) by Bodi
  • (Mommy) by Lily
  • (Honey) by Khampa
  • (Women) by Linnux, Riff and Skozz

Gallery Edit

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Soon Khampa and Khari are fell in love, and they kissed, and getting married, soon then at house of snow mountain, Khampa sees Khari was pregnant and having a baby named Bodi, and Khari gives birth to Bodi, and she got killed by wolves and Khampa sobs at her died.

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