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NicThic Productions
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Type Private
Predecessor(s) NT Animation
D.A. Studios
Founded April 2005
Founder(s) D.A. Nichols
Abbey Thickson
Headquarters Valparaiso, Indiana, USA
Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada
Key people D.A. Nichols (CEO)
Abbey Thickson (CCO)
Danielle Lambert (Chief Operating Officer)
David Bennett (CFO)
Nicholas Anderson (Creative Executive)
James Sharp (President)
Robert Stainton (Vice-President)
John Torres (Chairman)
Kari Bradley (Co-Chairman)
Employees 25
Subsidiaries NicThic Cinemation Studios
NicThic Interactive Studios
NicThic Home Entertainment
Lyrick Studios
Shadow Projects
Verdehile Entertainment
Blue Light Films
Mandoo Pictures
Tundra Productions
Nickson-Graf Enterprises

The Uptown East Apartments, shown here in 2013, are NicThic's current headquarters.

NicThic Productions is an American-Canadian animation company and film distributor based in Valparaiso, Indiana in the U.S. and in Selkirk, Manitoba in Canada. Founded by D.A. Nichols and Abbey Thickson in April 2005, the studio is an independent studio run by Nichols and Thickson. NicThic creates animated feature films, short films, television series, and video games, which are mostly centered around children, teens, and early young adults. The studio has currently produced a total of 68 feature films, with its most recent being Penelope Pitstop (2020). It is also best known for its franchises including Fox's Island, Ash & Lance, Bad Kitty, Skippyjon Jones, and later sequels of Rock Dog.

Its subsidiaries include NicThic Cinemation Studios, NicThic Interactive Studios, NicThic Home Entertainment, Lyrick Studios, Shadow Projects, Nickson-Graf Enterprises, and a 50% share of Mandoo Pictures.

On November 1, 2019, Harmonic Entertainment announced their intent to acquire NicThic Productions, with the acquisition completed on January 2, 2020.


2005–2006: Founding and early years

NicThic Productions was launched by D.A. Nichols and Abbey Thickson in April 2005 after leaving NT Animation, which Nichols founded in 1996. Their first feature film, Fox's Island, was released on August 12, 2005. Its title character, Rocko, had become a mascot of the company since his introduction in 2005. The studio retains ownership of the NT Animation library.

In December 2006, NicThic announced a four-year deal with Blockbuster Video to give the video renting company exclusive rights for rentals starting on January 1, 2007. However, under the First Sale Doctrine of U.S. copyright law, other rental companies are able to rent copies of the company's films purchased at retail.

The company is the main producer of Arctic Wolfey, which produced the show's third through ninth seasons.

NicThic Interactive Studios is the video game publishing and development arm of NicThic Productions founded in 2006 as a subsidiary. It is best known for publishing the video game adaptation of Fox's Island.

2007–present: Anime distribution

On February 11, 2007, NicThic Productions announced that it will start distributing anime films, and would also include an English dub cast as well. The first anime to have an English dub was the 1993 film Ocean Waves in 2008.

2011–present: Expansion

In 2011, NicThic formed a larger animation studio, NicThic Cinemation Studios, based in Indianapolis, to produce larger films. NicThic remained at NT Animation's original location in the Vale Park Village until December 2011 when they moved to the Uptown East Apartments in Valparaiso.

2020–present: Acquisition by Fredbear Studios

Main article: Acquisition of NicThic Productions by Fredbear Studios


The company name comes from the first letters of the last names of the company's founders. "NIC" comes from D.A. Nichols and "THIC" comes from Abbey Thickson.





Feature films

Released films

Main article: List of NicThic Productions films
Title Release date Distributor
Fox's Island August 12, 2005 Paramount Pictures
Life Before Paradise April 28, 2006 Buena Vista Pictures (through Walt Disney Pictures)
Bad Kitty July 21, 2006 Universal Pictures
Road Rovers September 15, 2006 Warner Bros. Pictures
Maxwell & Friends January 19, 2007 Hollywood Pictures
The Art Appreciation April 20, 2007 Warner Bros. Pictures
War Chicken April 11, 2008 Walt Disney Pictures
Skippyjon Jones's First Movie May 16, 2008 Warner Bros. Pictures
The Gift of Winter August 1, 2008 Touchstone Pictures
Blueberries for Sal November 21, 2008 New Line Cinema
Pinkalicious May 15, 2009 New Line Cinema
A Bad Case of Stripes August 21, 2009 Universal Pictures
Pearl & Wagner: One Funny Day November 20, 2009 Universal Pictures
The Fire Cat April 16, 2010 Warner Bros. Pictures
Fox's Island 2 June 11, 2010 Paramount Pictures
Pearl & Wagner: Four Eyes July 16, 2010 Universal Pictures
Bad Kitty 2 August 20, 2010 Universal Pictures
Yin Yang Yo! November 19, 2010 The Weinstein Company
Around the World in 79 Days August 26, 2011 Warner Bros. Pictures
It's the Wolf! April 20, 2012 Warner Bros. Pictures
Pearl & Wagner: Five Days Till Summer June 8, 2012 Universal Pictures
Skippyjon Jones II September 7, 2012 Warner Bros. Pictures
Road Rovers 2: The Revenge of General Parvo November 30, 2012 Warner Bros. Pictures
The Tremendous 12 January 4, 2013 Warner Bros. Pictures

Entertainment One

Banjo the Woodpile Cat February 8, 2013 20th Century Fox
Motormouse and Autocat March 29, 2013 Warner Bros. Pictures
Fritz the Cat April 19, 2013 Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures
Bad Kitty 3 August 9, 2013 Universal Pictures
The Art Appreciation 2: The Senior Semester June 6, 2014 Warner Bros. Pictures
Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom August 15, 2014 Buena Vista Pictures (through Walt Disney Pictures)
Cattanooga Cats October 17, 2014 Warner Bros. Pictures
Yogi Bear 2 January 16, 2015 Warner Bros. Pictures
Martha Speaks: The Movie April 17, 2015 Universal Pictures
No Bully Zone July 3, 2015 Columbia Pictures
Fox's Island 3 July 17, 2015 Paramount Pictures
Texas Cats June 24, 2016 Warner Bros. Pictures
Fox's Island 4 May 12, 2017 Paramount Pictures
The Talking Tom Movie August 11, 2017 Columbia Pictures
The Animated Crossover Movie Parody Project August 25, 2017 Lionsgate
The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin September 1, 2017 Warner Bros. Pictures
The Ant and the Aardvark October 14, 2017 20th Century Fox (United States)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (International)
Bad Kitty 4 December 1, 2017 Universal Pictures
Top Cat December 22, 2017 Warner Bros. Pictures
Oswald's Biggest Caper January 5, 2018 Paramount Pictures
Guess with Jess: The Movie January 12, 2018 Orion Pictures
Hubert and Takako January 19, 2018 20th Century Fox (United States)
BAC Films (France)
The Save-Ums' Biggest Adventure February 2, 2018 Phase 4 Films
Arthur's Antarctic Rescue Movie February 16, 2018 Lionsgate
Rock Dog 2 February 23, 2018 Lionsgate (through Summit Entertainment)
The Happy Tree Friends Movie March 2, 2018 STX Films
Franklin: The Movie March 9, 2018 Dimension Films
Tom & Jerry March 30, 2018 Warner Bros. Pictures
Felix the Cat April 6, 2018 Universal Pictures
Hoodwinked Three! The Fellowship of the Hood April 27, 2018 Universal Pictures
Poppets Town: The Movie July 13, 2018 Paramount Pictures
The Ant Bully 2 July 20, 2018 Universal Pictures
Samurai Bodi August 10, 2018 Lionsgate (through Summit Entertainment)
Skippyjon Jones III August 24, 2018 Warner Bros. Pictures
The Ballad of Nessie October 12, 2018 Touchstone Pictures
The Skylanders Academy Movie December 21, 2018 Universal Pictures
Barbapapa February 22, 2019 Warner Bros. Pictures (United States/Canada)
GKIDS (International)
Tina April 5, 2019 Lantern Entertainment
Sahara 2 June 14, 2019 Warner Bros. Pictures
Miss Witch October 4, 2019 Warner Bros. Pictures
Top Cat 2 December 20, 2019 Warner Bros. Pictures
Penelope Pitstop February 7, 2020 Fredbear Studios


Title Release date
The Magic Roundabout October 16, 2020
Road Rovers: Battle at the Water Tower May 12, 2021

Films in development

Title Ref. Distributed by
Fox's Island 5 Paramount Pictures
Oggy and Jack's Ultra Fun Adventure: An Oggy and the Cockroaches Movie Universal Pictures (International)
BAC Films (France)
Gaumont Film Company (France)
StudioCanal (Europe)
Pakdam Pakdai The Movie Viacom18 Motion Pictures (India)
Lionsgate (International)
Eric Rewritten Warner Bros. Pictures (United States/International)
Paramount Pictures (International)
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (International)
Bad Kitty 5 Lionsgate
Fraidy Cat Fredbear Studios
Disco Ducks Fredbear Studios
Fungus Fredbear Studios
Slappy Squirrel Warner Bros. Pictures
The Barkleys' First Canine Movie Universal Pictures
The Houndcats Returns Universal Pictures
The Oddball Couple Paramount Pictures
Rock Dog 3 Lionsgate (through Summit Entertainment)
Bee Brilliant Fredbear Studios
Haunted Manor Fredbear Studios
Crash Bandicoot's Insane Adventure Universal Pictures
Spyro's Treasure Adventure Universal Pictures
Untitled animated Matthew Broderick film Fredbear Studios

Direct-to-video films

Title Release date Distributed by
Bodi's Life in Snow Mountain July 24, 2020 Lionsgate
Ash & Lance April 4, 2017 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
The Star 2 February 23, 2018 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Short films

Title Release date
Wendi January 2012
Surf Shack February 8, 2013
The Return of Salvation Apples February 23, 2018

More coming soon!

Distributed films

Title Release date Co-production with
Ocean Waves May 23, 2008 Studio Ghibli

Television series

Title First aired Last aired Original network
Cats Don't Dance September 19, 1998 May 20, 2007 The WB (1998-2006)

The CW (2006-2007)

Superstars September 10, 1999 May 20, 2011 The WB (1999-2006)

The CW (2006-2011)

Kyla & Katrina September 6, 2002 May 31, 2015 ABC
Moody's Point September 12, 2003 May 28, 2010 The WB (2003-2006)

The CW (2006-2010)

Uberpuppy the Arctic Wolf September 10, 2004 May 17, 2013 The WB (2004-2006)

The CW (2006-2013)

The Adventures of Boog and Elliot September 29, 2006 present Cartoon Network
Lily in the City September 21, 2012 present Disney Junior
It's the Wolf! October 11, 2013 April 18, 2014 Cartoon Network
The Adventures of Claudette & Fleet March 25, 2014 present Angry Birds Channel
Chicken Little: Trapped June 20, 2014 September 16, 2016 Disney XD
Cattanooga Cats September 18, 2015 present Cartoon Network
Ash & Lance February 10, 2017 present The CW
Rock Dog March 1, 2017 present The CW
The New Adventures of Top Cat March 2, 2017 present Cartoon Network
James and the Giant Peach November 25, 2017 present Disney Channel
Belezebub Hoax's Baphomet County Brimstone Stompers October 6, 2018 Preschool Antenna
The New Adventures of Robin Hood February 20, 2019 Disney Channel


# Title First aired Last aired Original network
1 Ash & Lance: A Year in the Life May 20, 2017 June 13, 2017 The CW

Television specials

# Title Originally Aired Original network
1 The Secret of Linnux June 9, 2017 The CW
2 A Top Cat Christmas December 23, 2017 ABC
3 The Brave Little Toaster: Journey to the North Pole December 25, 2017 Cartoon Antenna
4 The Story of the Hedgehogs February 2, 2018 Fox
5 Snowy Night November 17, 2018 Channel 4 (United Kingdom)
Cartoon Antenna (USA/Canada)

Cancelled films

Main article: List of unproduced NicThic projects