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The Top Cat Show! (or The Top Cat Show) is a 2020 animated variety television sitcom, based on the original Top Cat series and the TV film "TCCOVIDINNY" and its media. It stars the TCCOVIDINNY cast, alongside other celebrities, Broadway actors and singers.

Released in 2021 as a continuation of The New Adventures of Top Cat with more variety and returning back to characters from other Top Cat films (such as Beverly Hills Cats), the show touches different themes, and is a social criticism to the modern life, such as robberies and crimes, the pandemic's impact in society, the problems during parenthood and the relationship among neighbors.


The gang's adventures and misadventures before, during and after the 2020 pandemic. Starring actors Tyler Hanes (Top Cat), Will Forte (Benny the Ball), Ed Sheeran (Brain), Terrence Mann (Fancy-Fancy), Raúl Anaya (himself), Bill Hader (Spook), Terry Crews (Officer Dibble), GloZell (Amy Vandergelt), Blake Shelton (Choo-Choo) and many more! Based on the original Top Cat animated TV show, these comical adventures have its own essence and magic in every adventure of your favorite alley gang and their friends.

The gang has different adventures, such as trips to Mexico with their Latino friends, crime-mystery solving (like Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Gang), some adventures in Beverly Hills, etc., making the show not only to be set in New York.

The 25 minutes is the runnin time of every episode (main segment), and the last 5 minutes include a musical segment per episode, with classic rock songs of 1-2 minutes, with Top Cat and the gang as classic rock singers in the alley, with Amy Vandergelt, Trixie and Kitty Glitter, as the female singers and performers. The musical segment is applied for the first segment.

In the third season will be introduced two additional segments, both of 15 minutes, the first is about of the gang's children, "Athena and Alison", and the other segment is focused on the New York Apartment neighbors (specially Officer Dibble and Amy Vandergelt), "The New York Neighbors" (which later was base for a TV sitcom).

The show[]

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The celebrity-starred television show is hosted by Top Cat and the gang, with Amy Vandergelt and Officer Dibble accompanying them. The song "Top Cat" is performed by the whole main cast (Top Cat, the gang, Amy and Dibble).


It all begins with the gang at Hoagy's Alley, performing the main song ("Top Cat").

Top Cat (and his gang)[]

Adventures of Top Cat and his gang and the central segment, which always runs 30 minutes (25 of the adventures and 5 of the songs). The gang is now a crime-solver feline group, who, with their friends, Kitty Glitter, Trixie, Amy Vandergelt, Gertrude Vandergelt and Officer Dibble, have different adventures while facing crooks and living a modern life in New York City. This segment is introduced by Top Cat with the phrase "Welcome fellas, to The Top Cat Show!".

Athena and Alison[]

A children's segment of 15-minutes introduced in the third season. It tells adventures of the gang's kids, specially Athena and Alison (voiced by Addison Rae and Sadie Sandler, respectively), Brain's daughters, and their life, when Brain is with the gang. These are adventures also starring the gang, Amy and Officer Dibble. It is introduced by Brain with the phrase "And now, we've got good news! Kids, let's see the adventures of my gals, Athena and Alison!".

The segment was introduced with a two-hour animated TV movie, Girl Scouts, where Athena, Willa and Alison are at a summer camp.

New York Neighbors[]

The other 15-minutes segment introduced in the third season, focused on the New York Apartment. It stars Officer Dibble and Amy Vandergelt, as the best friends, who live as neighbors in the New York Apartment and have different adventures at their city when they aren't with the gang.

It is introduced by Amy Vandergelt and Officer Dibble with the phrase "And finally, we Dibble and Amy wil present you our adventures as New York Neighbors!".

Closing theme[]

The gang ends the show singing again "Top Cat", before the instrumental theme sounds. All the actors are credited.


The Top Cat Show's Main Voice Cast[]

The Top Cat Show: The Main Voice Cast
Character Voice actor
Top Cat Tyler Hanes
Benny Will Forte
Choo-Choo Blake Shelton
Brain Ed Sheeran
Spook Bill Hader
Fancy-Fancy Terrence Mann
Officer Dibble Terry Crews
Amy Vandergelt GloZell Lynette Green
Ratsputin Jason Momoa
Trixie Christine Cornish Smith
Gertrude Vandergelt Alfre Woodard
Kitty Glitter Catherine Tate
Kitty Sparkles Miranda Cosgrove
Narrator Tyler Hanes

Recurring roles:[]

The Top Cat Show: Recurring Roles
Character Voice actor
Lola Glamour Charlotte d'Amboise
Grace Chlöe Grace Moretz
Alex Aaron J. Albano
Dobey Henry Cavill
Sargeant Andrew Lloyd Webber
Mayor of New York
Blake Quentin Earl Darrington
Keith Glitter
Sheldon Shelby Mann
Dawn Josephine Mann
J.B. Ken Page
Matilda Bonnie Hanes
Myra Aria Noelle Curzon
Gold Pelt Mason Ramsey
Mrs. Penny Ball Lauri Fraser
Bea Kim Fauré
Goldie Reese Whitherspoon
Destiny Alicia Morton
Copper Megan Fox
Suzie Dibble Anna Faris
Carlos Dibble Ricky Ubeda
Jennifer Dibble Willow Smith

Additional voices:[]

The Top Cat Show: Guest and Additional Voices
Voice actor Notable characters
Jason Momoa Alfred Meowhock, Joe, Mr. Albert Stevenson, Terrance, Bernard Le Purr,
Melissa Disney Shirley, Mrs. Angelica Stevenson, performer.
Henry Cavill Penry, Douglas D. Dog, Shifty, Pierre,
Adam Sandler Periodist, Host, Mr. John Hanes,
Jason Harris Sebastian, Trevor, Bill D. Dog.
Mark Hamill J.K. Jones
Chris Edgerly Stefan,
Jessica Simpson Willa, Mrs. Jacqueline Hanes, Curly
Robert Downey Jr. Jazz, Robbie the Rabbit,
Max Charles Jonathan Hanes,
Sunny Sandler Jessica Hanes,
Ken Jeong Maharajah of Pokajee, Beau, Kali the Kangaroo
Sarah Paulson Honeydew Mellon
Danica McKellar Thelma
Sadie Sandler Alison, Maya,
Laura Bailey Merry Keri, Miss Kitty Cat,
Sara Jean Ford Halloween Sweetie, Delilah,
Eloise Kropp Jade, Too Cute, Merry Terri, Catharine the Cat,
Jennifer Hudson Honey the Hare,
Nicolette Pierinni Alicia Stevenson, Daisy LaRue
Grey Griffin Wilma, Steffy the Spider,
Addison Rae Athena, Janice Jones,
Alan Oppenheimer Diego, ,
Lilly Moon Persephone, Lilly the Canary, Singer (music videos, bumpers and musical segments)
Dakota Fanning July, Robyn, Rusty
Angelina Jolie Miss Kitty Chef,
Anndi McAffee Julie, Honey,
Sarah Silverman Auburn,
Arianna Rosario Sassy, Donna
Michael Lloyd Singing voices in many episodes
Georgi Irene Miss Judy Jones, Emily the Pug
Alicia Morton Destiny, Blondie,
Maia Mitchell Ribbon,
Antonio Banderas Griswald Jr., Mr. Jones, Buster B. Bogey
Giuseppe Bausilio Adrian, Adam Stevenson, Terrence Le Rock,
Lewis Capaldi Willy, Lazlo-Lazlo,
Dan Reynolds Rob, Edward,
Eric Wareheim Cale, Vicente, Mousy the Mouse
Tim Heidecker Ed, Lale, Rowrat the Rat,
Andy Huntington Jones Terry,
Tress MacNeille Elizabeth, Grandma Cat, Miss
Mr. T Patrick Dibble, TV Show Host,
Julia Roberts Fifi the Maid,
Victoria Price Herself, Terry's mother,
Susanne Pollatshek Miss Kitty Cat, Sue the Serpent, Sarah's mother
Vincent Barret ".V. B." Price Himself, MacDougnald the Dog, Fonzie the Ferret,
Jodie Foster Fanny the Ferret
AnnaSophia Robb Donut the Cute Puppy, Sarah, Babydoll,
Ginnifer Goodwin Cynthia, Frills,
Lily James Felina, Dollarus,
Imogen Lloyd Webber Imogene,
Roger Stephenson Waiters,
Charlie Adler Marion Dibble,
Mamie Parris Baby, Maggie,
Danny Trejo Griswald Sr., Jules,
Andrea McArdle Scarlett,
Stephen Hanan Officer Dibble's Neighbor,
Betty Buckley Granny Sweet,
Elaine Paige Teacher Rosie,
Victor Caroli Pedro, Wilfred, Grandpa Sweet,
Jessica Tandy Ginny Sweet,
Kristen Bell Miss Kitty,
Scott Menville Aristotle,
Julia Winter Rosie
Johnny Depp Dave, Catwalader
Tara Strong Bianca's babies
Oprah Winfrey Micka and Ticka, Miss Edna.
Selena Gomez Bianca, Anna Stevenson,


Did you know?[]

  • The first Top Cat television series starring celebrities, Broadway actors and singers.
  • Tyler Hanes (Top Cat) is son of Bonnie Hanes (Matilda).
  • Thomas Lennon voices Top Cat in "Jellystone!". This due to Tyler Hanes' work in this TV sitcom.
  • The Spanish dub (made in Mexico) is broadcasted in Latin America and Spain. Many episodes are for the Latin American and Spanish dub, and is also broadcasted for other countries.
  • The spin-off Ágatha de las Rosas (segment of Top Cat: In Mexico) tells the adventures of Grace's grandmother, Ágatha de las Rosas, when she was in her youth years in the 1960s-1970s.
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